Woman’s March

Nationwide US-rally for abortion justice

#12_2021 – Woonprotest

Living in Amsterdam? You are to late!
Shortage of housing & housing that is not affordable. The Netherlands is in the middle of a housing crisis, that is the result of years of failing government policy. Protestmarch, #woonprotest, Amsterdam
Magazine design, layout & concept by slaws, cover artwork Yuri Veerman – Z!, de Amsterdamse Straatkrant,


Never in the red again
End period poverty and periodshaming — Make menstrual products free
#mhday #periodproductsbill #freeperiodproducts #periodpositive #zkrantgivesapad
Magazine design, layout and cover artwork & concept by slaws – Z!, de Amsterdamse Straatkrant,

Been there, done that

NDSM-plein 85

Shooting Stars

Mob attack on Capitol, CNN broadcast (detail)


Th. K. van Lohuizenlaan / Zeeburgerdijk