77% of anti-abortion leaders are men

Supreme Court gives states green light to ban abortion, overturning Roe
Woman reproductive rights, artwork Lisa Anne Auerbach


A pig


The oldest known cave painting, with a minimum age of 45.5 ka, found at Leang Tedongnge in Sulawesi, ID




Loods 6
Five-day festival WeMakeThe.City

Guerrilla gardening

NDSM Ferrotopia, Cryptofood
Five-day festival We make, Cryptofood at Ferrotopia,


The Chichibu Chinsekikan Museum – The house of peculiar rocks – in Japan,


The retired yet rentless eighty-year-old doctor Co van Melle travels by bike through Amsterdam to provide medical treatment to the Homeless and the Paperless who are not eligible for professional medical help. In run-down garages and empty buildings he takes care and listens to their stories.
Magazine design, artwork and layout by slaws, cover photography by Mitchel van Essen, Dokter Co a movie by Lysander Wiering


‘What did God want?’

Let the dataset change your mindset

Hans Rosling (* 27. Juli 1948 – † 7. Februar 2017) Physician and statistician, who favoured the vision that the world(politics) should be based merely on facts. He was one of the initiators of Doctors Without Borders and co-founder of the Gapminder Foundation.