77% of anti-abortion leaders are men

Supreme Court gives states green light to ban abortion, overturning Roe
Woman reproductive rights, artwork Lisa Anne Auerbach

Russian shipwreck


I’m a Russian Military ship…

1:05 to 1:52
Audio recording of an exchange between the Ukrainian soldiers on Snake Island in the Black Sea and an officer of the Russian Navy on the warship Moskva.

Woman’s March

Nationwide US-rally for abortion justice

#12_2021 – Woonprotest

Living in Amsterdam? You are to late!
Shortage of housing & housing that is not affordable. The Netherlands is in the middle of a housing crisis, that is the result of years of failing government policy. Protestmarch, #woonprotest, Amsterdam
Magazine design, layout & concept by slaws, cover artwork Yuri Veerman – Z!, de Amsterdamse Straatkrant, z-krant.nl


Never in the red again
End period poverty and periodshaming — Make menstrual products free
#mhday #periodproductsbill #freeperiodproducts #periodpositive #zkrantgivesapad
Magazine design, layout and cover artwork & concept by slaws – Z!, de Amsterdamse Straatkrant, z-krant.nl

Been there, done that

NDSM-plein 85

Out of lockdown

Terraces in NL reopened


Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his VVD party win fourth term in Dutch elections